5 Reasons Staffing Agencies Are Able to Hire from a More Diverse Pool

What gives staffing agencies access to a larger, more diverse pool of applicants than an in-house hiring team? Staffing agencies have resources at our disposal that allow us to access parts of the candidate pool that may be out of reach for in-house hiring teams. Using a staffing agency is the best way to ensure that your job roles are filled efficiently and with the highest quality candidates. Here are five unique ways that staffing agencies are able to reach a larger pool of candidates:

1. The hiring team at a staffing agency is made up of many talented, experienced recruiters.

By employing plenty of recruiters, staffing agencies are able to reach more candidates than a smaller hiring team, which results in more interviews, more hires, and a faster on-boarding process. Additionally, the hiring team at a staffing agency is made up of skilled, experienced recruiters, who have an innate understanding of the staffing industry and know how to select only the highest quality candidates.

2. A staffing agency has their own network of internal staffing connections.

In addition to staffing agencies having skilled and experienced recruiters, those recruiters also have their own network of connections. This network provides them with exclusive access to candidates that have worked with staffing agencies before and understand the ins and outs of the industry, leading to better employee work ethic and higher retention.

3. Staffing agencies have a variety of powerful tools and resources at their disposal.

Staffing agencies have access to tools like powerful applicant tracking systems and premium job board subscriptions, which increases visibility and helps them reach a larger and more diverse group of candidates. A streamlined onboarding process helps staffing agencies get employees out to work quickly, and communication tools created specifically for recruiting allow staffing agencies to easily stay in contact with employees.

4. A staffing agency advertises their clients’ jobs on both traditional job boards and other platforms, including social media.

By utilizing both traditional job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter as well as other recruiting resources like LinkedIn, Facebook’s job board, and even social media, staffing agencies are able to expand their online presence across a variety of platforms, which helps them reach a larger number of diverse candidates.

5. Staffing agencies create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for candidates.

By facilitating a warm, people-oriented environment, staffing agencies can ease some of the anxiety candidates may be feeling surrounding the hiring process and starting a new job. The interview and hiring process at a staffing agency is often less intimidating for candidates than the “traditional” hiring process, which help candidates feel more comfortable and confident about starting their new jobs.
Experienced recruiters, exclusive resources, and expansive networks allow staffing agencies to reach candidates that in-house hiring teams simply don’t have access to. In addition to being better suited for reaching more candidates, an experienced team of recruiters and a people-oriented culture allow staffing agencies fill roles quickly and efficiently while ensuring that their clients are receiving the best possible candidates for the job.

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