8 Things to Avoid at Your Interview

The Logic Team conducts interviews every day, usually quite a few per day, so we’ve become experts in the art of the interview. Here are some tips on things that have turned our managers off to hiring people in the past.

Bad Hygiene
During an interview, you’re going to be in close quarters with a potential employer, and they’ll be able to tell if you didn’t put on that deodorant the morning of. Make sure to brush your teeth and put on deodorant for your interview. This may seem obvious, but we’ve encountered it.

Being on your phone
The inattentiveness of being on your phone during an interview shows us that you don’t really care about what we are saying nor are you paying attention to it. Leave the phone in a bag and you’ll be better off.

Short Answers
In an interview, we’re trying to get to know if you’ll be a good fit for our team. When we ask you questions about your past experience, we want to know more than just “It was good.” Elaborate on your experiences and let us know who you really are!

Sloppy dress
While some places are okay with casual dress for interviews, there is a major difference between casual dress and sloppiness. Don’t wear pants with holes in them, shirts with inappropriate language, and especially not dirty clothes.

These are the mistakes we most commonly see people get turned down for, so follow these tips and you could nail your next interview.

Talking Negative about Past Employers
Leading off of that, talking negatively about your past experiences with jobs is unprofessional and unnecessary. We want to hear what you learned from your experiences and how you grew because of it.

Bad Attitude
This one is a little self-explanatory, why would we enjoy interviewing someone who doesn’t enjoy being there? Be sure to walk into your interview optimistic and peppy, it shows us that you’re excited to be here and an enthusiastic person.

This should also be obvious but still happens a lot. A lot of the time we can tell, or we find out later through your background check. Be honest with your interviewer.

No Professional References
Your references are who we call to get a second opinion about how you are as an employee. This means that family members and friends aren’t suitable professional references, yet we have people use them all the time. Good professional references include bosses, supervisors, co-workers, and other people like this.


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