Advantages of Working With a Staffing Agency Versus In-House Hiring

In the world of business, the most important factor is people. No matter your product, market strategies, or business model, people are always the key, which means that proper recruitment is vital to the day-to-day success of a business. This is especially important for businesses that require a large staff and are in constant need of new employees.

Working with a staffing agency is cost-effective

One huge advantage of using a staffing agency to recruit is the reduction of costs. Staffing agencies are able to create recruiting processes that are targeted specifically for each client they work with. A targeted recruiting process generates higher quality hires, which helps reduce turnover rate. For businesses that hire at a high volume, a lower turnover rate is especially important because it results in new employees needing to be hired less often, which creates a decrease in cost of the overall cost of the hiring process.

Staffing agencies offer more flexibility with temp-to-perm options

In addition to reducing costs, staffing agencies are able to offer temporary to permanent employment that allows high-volume businesses to hand-select the employees they would like to bring on long-term without having to do any of the recruiting and hiring work. Temp to perm options allow businesses to consistently work with a full staff without having to commit to bringing every employee onto their team in a long-term role.

Staffing agencies provide employees with additional benefits

Staffing agencies also provide temporary employees with benefits such as medical and dental insurance, retirement, and PTO; without a staffing agency, businesses that have a high volume of employees would have to cover the extensive cost of providing these benefits for all employees rather than only those they decide to bring on permanently.
Using a staffing agency is becoming increasingly popular as high-volume businesses find that the cost of in-house hiring is no longer sustainable. Using a staffing agency for high-volume hiring has a variety of benefits; the cost to hire is significantly lower, and targeted recruiting results in a higher quality candidate as well as a lower turnover rate. Using a staffing agency for high-volume hiring is a great way to not only save money but to hire a better team of employees.

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