Biggest Staffing Agency Myths

Whether you have had great experiences with staffing agencies or no experience, chances are you might have a few misconceptions about what we do at Logic Staffing. This article corrects four common myths.

MYTH: Registering with a staffing agency takes hours, and they won’t call you for work for weeks!

At Logic Staffing, you can usually come in for an interview the same day, and the process usually only takes a maximum of an hour! We’re constantly filling work, so a lot of the time you can start the same week you join us, sometimes even the next day!

MYTH: Staffing agencies take a portion of what you make, so you barely make any money!

While some agencies do this, at Logic, we don’t take any of your pay and there are no fees! We also pay our workers weekly!

MYTH: Staffing agencies only give you work for three days at a time, you hardly work.

We at Logic are looking for full-time, permanent, work-minded people. Our client companies want ongoing people, so almost all of our projects are either temp-to-perm or ongoing from the start!

MYTH: There are no benefits at agencies.

Logic offers medical, dental, and vision plans!

How about some pros of working with a staffing agency?

PRO: We’ll find work that fits your schedule.

We’re always getting work orders in, so if we don’t have a job that fits your needs, we’ll have one soon.

PRO: Our work is ongoing.

We aren’t looking for people to fill one-day positions then never get called again. We’ll fit you with a job you can continue to work at and be happy at being full-time.

PRO: You can get paid weekly.

We don’t make you wait until the end of the month. Get paid as you work, and get benefits. As we said, we don’t take anything out of your paycheck as some agencies do.

PRO: We make finding good work easy.

Logic makes it all easy. Our application process is quick, and we get you into a job that you want to be at. Our hiring staff are bright and fun, and make it that much less stressful to get where you need to.


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