How Staffing Agencies Use Applicant Tracking Systems to Source Quality Candidates

Staffing agencies and other large corporations often use Applicant Tracking Systems to help them with their application and hiring process. But what exactly is an Applicant Tracking System, or an ATS, and how does using one help staffing agencies source and hire quality candidates?

What is an ATS?

An applicant tracking system, also known as an ATS, is a software program that staffing agencies use to organize and manage the many job applications they receive. An ATS helps to streamline the entire recruitment and hiring process, from start to finish, and it is an integral part of a staffing agency’s application and hiring process.

How does an ATS work?

Anytime a person applies to a staffing agency’s job, a profile is created for them in the ATS based on the information from their application. Recruiters can use this profile to get an idea of the applicant’s skillset and work experience before giving them a call. Recruiters are also able to leave notes on their profile in the ATS, which is especially useful when a former employee applies to come back to the same staffing agency. Notes in the former employee’s profile will state if the employee left their previous assignment on good terms, or if they were let go due to behavioral or attendance issues. Recruiters can use this information from the ATS profile to decide whether they would be willing to hire the former employee again.

Why do staffing agencies use an ATS?

An ATS is a powerful tool for staffing agencies, but it’s also a huge investment. The cost of using an ATS is high because of how much it simplifies the hiring process. Most in-house hiring departments don’t have the funds or resources to invest in an ATS, which means they have to use a less efficient system to manage the hiring process. By taking advantage of all of the benefits provided by an Applicant Tracking System, staffing agencies are able to hire employees in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

How does an ATS help staffing agencies hire quality employees?

By utilizing the highly advanced tracking and documenting features of an ATS, staffing agencies are able to ensure that they are only hiring the best and most qualified employees. The ATS makes it easy for recruiters to know which applicants are eligible to be hired, which ones are qualified for the position, and which ones are not worth investing in, based on the detailed profiles created for each applicant by the ATS.
Using an Applicant Tracking System to organize and manage applications allows staffing agencies to streamline their hiring process, and helps them source and hire the highest quality candidates. Most smaller companies and hiring departments are not able to invest in an ATS, which gives staffing agencies an advantage when it comes to hiring quality employees in an efficient manner.

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