How to Build a Successful Partnership with Your Staffing Agency

In the staffing industry, it’s important that clients be fully transparent with their staffing partners when asking them to fill a role. When clients are upfront and detailed about their expectations, recruiters are more successful in finding the perfect candidate. Here are some things you can do to build a successful partnership with your staffing agency:

Provide a specific job description for the role

Be detailed about the role you’re asking your staffing partner to fill. What will training and onboarding look like for this role? What will the day-to-day responsibilities be? What are the salary and benefits? The more information you can give about the role, the more thorough your recruiters are able to be in their candidate search.

Offer a resume of someone that has previously been successful in the role

This gives your recruiter a better idea of what specific skills and characteristics you’re looking for in a candidate. If you have a resume of someone who has thrived in this role before, your recruiter can compare it to their candidate resumes to get a better idea of who might be a good fit.

Set a timeline

Be upfront about your ideal timeline. Let your staffing partner know when you’d like to have the role filled, and work with them to create a recruiting plan that fits your timeline. Having a clear timeline also makes it easier for your recruiter to communicate with you if they are ahead of schedule or if things have gotten a bit off-track.

Be available to give candidate feedback

In the end, you are going to be the one working with the candidate that fills the role, so your opinions are extremely valuable to your staffing agency. Your recruiter wants to be able to discuss candidates with you so that they can match you with the perfect candidate for YOUR company.
The most important part of a healthy client-recruiter partnership is communication. When you are asking your staffing partner to fill an opening for you, be detailed about the role and transparent about what you are looking for in a candidate, and then let your staffing partner find you the perfect fit.


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