Why We Chose “Quality Through Intention” As Our 2022 Theme

Logic Staffing’s theme for 2022 has been Quality Through Intention, and we are always striving to exemplify this theme in all aspects of our work. Quality Through Intention means consistently demonstrating our core principles: Intentional Service, Local Connections, and Specialized Approach.

We Provide Intentional Service

Providing intentional service means going above and beyond in every aspect of our work. We know how important it is to deliver a top customer experience to everyone in our network; being intentional in our service gives us the opportunity to reflect on the quality of our work, and to ensure that we are meeting the needs of everyone we serve.

We Have a Network of Local Connections

With four offices throughout the Puget Sound, we are one of the area’s largest and most well-connected providers of distribution staffing services. Our network of local connections helps us truly understand the ins and outs of the distribution and logistics industry around the Puget Sound. Being local to our clients also allows us the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with them on-site. Whether we’re hosting a hiring event with our mobile hiring van, or stopping by with lunch for our employees, being able to collaborate with our clients on-site helps us create a welcoming environment for our employees while also building strong connections with our clients.

We Use a Specialized Approach

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a top customer experience by using a specialized approach with our network of connections. Our skilled business development team goes the extra mile by guiding each of our clients through a customized journey, created with their company culture and goals in mind. By using a specialized approach, we are able to meet our clients’ needs in more specific and intentional ways. Our experienced team of recruiters also uses a specialized approach when matching candidates with their perfect roles. We take the time to get to know each candidate individually, so we can place them in a position that will allow them to be fulfilled and successful.
By focusing on our theme of Quality Through Intention, we hope to continue building personal connections and meeting the needs of everyone we serve; we understand the value and importance of having strong relationships with both our clients and our employees. We are constantly striving to exemplify our theme and our core principles in everything we do.


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